Tough Competitor

Tough Competitor

Child overcomes migraines to become a star

By: Linda G. de Melendez, Compassion Honduras Communications Specialist   |   Posted: August 10, 2004

Child overcomes migraines to become a star
Jorge Valdez is goalkeeper on a soccer team from El Sembrador (HO-300) in San Pedro Sula. He won an award during a local championship tournament.

Jorge Valdez attends the Compassion Project at El Sembrador (The Sower) (HO-300) in San Pedro Sula. He is a typical Honduran boy in some ways but in other ways he is an extraordinary young man. This 10-year-old loves to play soccer and for the past two years has been goalkeeper on one of the project's teams.

No Goals

In the local championship held in November of 2003, Jorge received an award in front of his community, including the mayor of San Pedro Sula. He did not allow a single goal to be scored against him, thus helping his team win first place.

Life has not always been full of victories for "Coque," as Jorge is affectionately called by friends and family. When Coque first went to El Sembrador in 2001, project staff discovered that he had painful migraines almost daily. He had injured his head as a baby and had suffered several accidents during childhood.

His mom, Lucí¡¬ couldn't bear to see her child cry so much. She was worried about him but never had the money to find out what the problem was or to learn how it could be treated.

The staff at El Sembrador arranged for Coque to have a CAT scan. His severe migraines were discovered and he was given medicine and instructions on how to lessen their occurrences. As with countless children in the developing world, Compassion's assistance to Coque has altered his path and given him new opportunities to succeed in life.

Big Goals

With his illness under control, Coque joined one of the project's soccer teams and began to shine as a goalkeeper. His passion to do his best has proven greater than his fear of pain. He has not only been able to play the game he loves; he has become a star!

"Coque is one of the most committed players and demands hard practices," says Allan Santos, his coach. "This despite his migraines and respiratory problems."

Coque's quality of life continues to improve as he strives to be the best at whatever he does. He is a very smart youngster who knows what he wants in the future. He plans to become a doctor and to provide for his mom when he grows up.

For information on how you can help children in the developing world with medical needs, visit Compassion's Medical Fund page.

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