Teenagers Raise $1,200 in Dough for POC

Teenagers Raise $1,200 in Dough for POC

By: Mike Hamel, contributing writer   |   Posted: April 20, 2004

Second annual bake sale produces twice the results
For the second year in a row, Betsy Shirley and friends use a Christmas bake sale to raise money for the Partners of Compassion Fund. The 2003 Cookie-Baking Extravaganza, supported by family and friends, netted over $1,200.
Sixteen-year-old Betsy Shirley and eight friends have been Compassion sponsors since eighth grade. Eight of them jointly sponsor Minouche Aninus, a Compassion child in Haiti, but they wanted to do something more.

During Christmas 2002 they baked and sold more than 3,000 cookies and raised almost $600 for the Partners of Compassion Fund (POC). The girls did all the cooking and their families donated all the supplies. At the second annual Cookie-Baking Extravaganza in 2003 they sold twice as many cookies and raised more than $1,200!

What is the Partners of Compassion Fund?

Compassion believes the best way to produce long-term change in developing countries is to link sponsors and children in one-to-one, life-changing relationships. But there are times when special needs arise and sponsorship funds don't cover, whether in the life of one child or an entire project. This is where the Partners of Compassion Fund comes in.

The fund offers vital assistance to the families and communities of Compassion children. POC gifts underwrite essential projects such as providing costly medical supplies or assisting with hygiene improvements like water tanks, wells and latrines. The funds offer an extra layer of care that can benefit an entire community like the one Minouche lives in.

"An amazing ministry"

In a letter to Compassion, following the 2003 Extravaganza, Betsy wrote, "I also wanted to thank you for allowing my friends and me to be part of an amazing ministry. Every time I get a letter from Minouche, I stop and think how incredible it is to experience firsthand how God is working all over the world. Her life is so different from mine, yet we both praise the same God. Thank you for making this possible."

Thank you, Betsy and company, for being such great partners!

Become a Partner

You can join this dynamic partnership by contributing to the POC Fund. The children and families that benefit from your gift will thank God who faithfully provided through you!