Sharing the Dream

Sharing the Dream

Loving people make the difference

By: Henry Guarin, Compassion Colombia Communications Specialist   |   Posted: July 30, 2004

A happy Lina Ulcué ¬eaves the IDEAL Center in Cali with her mom, her brother and Isabel, her Compassion project director. Lina had meningitis but thanks to therapy, she can now sit up and make some sounds.

Lina Fernanda Ulcué is happy. She smiles while riding through the Cali streets in a taxi with her mom, Luz Aida, her youngest brother, Luis David, and Isabel, her Compassion project director at La Floresta Student Center (CO-142). Lina loves looking at the people, the other cars racing by, the city colors, everything.

Each week, the Ulcué family makes the trip to the IDEAL Center, a place where children with disabilities receive physical and occupational therapy. Lina is a precious girl and, thanks to Compassion's support, she's receiving the help she desperately needs.

Childhood illness

While Lina is in therapy, her mom, Luz Aida is in the waiting room. "When Lina was born," she explains," I was very young and an inexperienced mom. At three months old, Lina suffered a high fever and got meningitis." (Meningitis is an inflammation of the membrane enveloping the brain and spinal cord. It stops normal development and hinders basic activities such as walking and talking.)

"Five years ago, I needed to work and had nobody to care for Lina," Luz Aida continues. "Finally I found La Floresta Student Center, where I met lovely people to help with Lina. Their attitude really impacted me."

Although Lina is 11 years old, her behavior is that of a small child. However, thanks to the therapy, she is now able to sit up and make some sounds. She can also move her hands and do other things she was unable to do before.

Hope and prayer

When Lina's therapy is over, she rejoins her mom, happy to be going home. On the return trip, Luz Aida says, "I dream that when Lina graduates from Compassion's program she will be able to stand on her own feet and share her testimony in her own voice. I pray every day for this to happen."

Lina will continue her therapy and her participation with Compassion at La Floresta Student Center. At the center, sponsored children are provided with Bible teaching, medical checkups, nutritious meals, health education, music lessons, tutoring, handicrafts and vocational education.

These days Luz Aida works as a housekeeper. She is a devout Christian who attends church daily and prays for her children. "I thank God every day for Compassion's support and for Lina's sponsor. Without them, I would have no hope for Lina's recovery."

We are also praying for Lina because her mom's dreams have become our dreams too.

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