My Most Precious Treasure

My Most Precious Treasure

Miracle baby now 11 years old

By: Adones Martinez, Compassion Dominican Republic Communications Specialist   |   Posted: June 30, 2004

Miracle baby now 11 years old

Jos頁ngel Perez Ramirez weighed less than three pounds at birth and wasn't expected to live. His parents, Jos預erez and Angela Ramirez, asked God for a miracle. Eleven years later, Jos頩s their pride and joy.

José Angel Perez Ramirez is an only child. Prior to his birth, his mother, Angela, had two miscarriages. Although Angela and her husband, José were not Christians, they put faith in God and prayed that He would have mercy on them.

God answered and Angela became pregnant again. But on November 10, 1992, she was taken to the hospital with high blood pressure. A third miscarriage threatened.

Miracle baby
A boy was born weighing just two-and-a half pounds and barely alive. Angela's life was dangerously at risk. José Perez left to tell relatives what was happening. When he returned, a nurse told him, "Your baby cried; he's going to survive."

The miracle baby began to grow. His father still remembers the hardship they went through and recalls, "Since José Angel was born premature, we would place a light bulb inside his cradle and hot water under it in order to keep him warm enough."

José Angel is 11 years old now and has been in the Compassion program at the Trabajando para Cristo Student Center (DR-367) since 2001. He is in grade seven. Project Director Mrs. Patria Emilia Calderó says, "José is one of the children who gets to the center first each day. He is a quiet boy who is very friendly and who shares with other kids."

José'ssponsor, Marissa, has encouraged him to trust the Lord and stand firm in Christ. She has written many letters that have had a profound impact on José, "Remember that you are a son of God," she writes. "Make sure that every step you walk is a good example to your family and friends. I love you."

New birth
José Angel took his sponsor's words to heart. He influenced his parents to attend church. They soon became Christians and were baptized at the Methodist church in Azua. Pastor Dickson Naú® ‡¡rcí¡ says, "These are Christian people who are bearing fruit in the church. They are very united both as a family and in God."

José's father says of the Compassion program, "This center has been a great blessing to José and we are very grateful to his sponsor."

José'smother reflects on God's answer to prayer and adds, "My son is my most precious treasure." He is a treasure that has brought new life in more ways than one. His miraculous physical birth has led to the miraculous spiritual birth of his parents. Both are testimonies to the grace and mercy of God.

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