Hungry for Truth

Hungry for Truth

How Bibles are helping save Salvadoran children from poverty

By: Sean Sheridan, Contributing Writer   |   Posted: April 19, 2004

This past spring, children from 29 Compassion projects, like this girl from Salim Student Center (ES-738), became the proud owners of new illustrated Bibles. The children also participated in a three-month Bible study about the power of God's Word.

In El Salvador, one of every two people lives below the poverty line. Yet physical hunger pales in comparison to the spiritual hunger many Salvadorans feel.

At the Salim Student Center (ES-738), a mile and a half south of San Salvador, life is different. Children at the student center were once hungry for God's Word. But thanks to the Partners of Compassion (POC) Fund, now they have their own illustrated Bibles, along with Bible teaching from Christian education teachers. For these children and their entire community, hope is taking root.

Hungry to Learn

Salim Student Center is one of 29 Compassion projects across El Salvador to receive Bibles. In all, over 3,500 Bibles were delivered this spring among the projects to children three to 12 years old.

"The children are eager," says Bessy Galvez, Salim's project director. "It is funny but even the little ones of three to four years old want to learn how to read because of the Bibles."

In addition to helping increase literacy, the real payoff comes as the children begin to digest nuggets of God's truth." We are just starting the Bible study but we can feel how God is using this project to bless our children and to encourage them to know His Word," Galvez says. "We must remember these children had no resources to buy a Bible. But God, in His mercy, has given them beautiful Bibles."

For these Compassion-sponsored children, who are used to living in dilapidated housing, receiving little to eat and constantly fighting off health problems like acute respiratory infections, a little Good News goes a long way.

"We are called to release children from poverty and the worst kind of poverty is spiritual poverty," says Compassion El Salvador program facilitator Pedro Coto. "Many children don't know who Jesus is, how much He loves them and how important they are in the kingdom of God. In fact, many of those children think nobody loves them. We desperately need to solve that kind of poverty."

Sharing God's Love

Giving a Bible to each child in the project is the start and for project workers at the Salim Student Center, the Bible distribution project is an integral part of their calling to share God's love with children and families in need.

"To spread the gospel we need the Word of God," says Coto. "We have given them the chance to know more about God and this is a chance they can have only in the project. We know thousands of Salvadorans' lives have been changed."

Learn more about the POC funds. Your gifts to the funds help meet needs that regular sponsorship funds don't cover, whether in the life of one child or for an entire project.