From Victim to Businessman

From Victim to Businessman

By: Brandy Campbell with Tonny Tunya in Indonesia   |   Posted: January 08, 2007

A Restoration of Hope

Often in the aftermath of large-scale disasters, Compassion offers income-generating opportunities for families of Compassion-assisted children. Following the earthquake in Indonesia, Compassion provided income assistance loans to more than 200 families, including Dadi, pictured here.

For many families in Indonesia, the true test of survival came weeks after the earthquake. As food and other supplies dwindled, families in the city of Kalasanemerged from makeshift tents, searching desperately for work. Even under the best of circumstances 30 percent of adults are unemployed in this community, making an average of just U.S.$23 a month. With businesses destroyed, even fewer jobs were available.

Dadi was just one of thousands of fathers working to provide for his family. His sons, Agre and Tinus, were registered at the Bina Kasih Student Center, and the family was grateful for the assistance they received from the project.

But a restless Dadi was ready to find work and begin providing for his family again. During times of crisis, Compassion often provides income-generating opportunities for parents of many registered children. Dadi applied for a loan, and he used the money to buy a vending cart to sell food to those in his community.

"It really means a lot to me and all the families because economically we don't earn anything since the earthquake," says Dadi. "This has been a blessing from God to me and our family. We thank God and all of the generous people who have helped us."

Your gifts have provided a way for the people of Kalasan to feel like more than hopeless victims. The low-cost, no-interest loans have enabled villagers like Dadi to begin businesses, purchase items to sell in the marketplace, and once again regain control over lives they believed were destroyed.

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