This Family was on the Brink of Death and Did Not Know It

In a small community like Adamorobe, Ghana everyone knows what is going on with everyone else – including Elizabeth and her 5-month-old twins, Clifford and Hayford. And as much as her neighbors wanted to help Elizabeth, extreme poverty limited what they could do.

Word got around to some of our Compassion International staff about this young mother and her babies so we decided to go check things out. When we first met Elizabeth she was in bad shape. And not just her, Clifford and Hayford were severely malnourished and near death.

Just in the nick of time Elizabeth, Clifford and Hayford were rushed to the hospital where this little family was immediately treated for malaria, anemia, dehydration, malnutrition, infections and skin conditions.

After two weeks they were released from the hospital but not released back into the extreme poverty. We made sure that Elizabeth and her children had a safer place to live -- and food! Elizabeth and her babies will never have to worry about malnutrition ever again.

Unfortunately, this story is not unusual. In fact,

  • Malnutrition is a factor in one third of all under-5 child deaths.
  • Malnutrition is associated with 35 percent of the disease burden in children under five.
  • Women make up a little over half of the world's population, but they account for over 60 percent of the world’s hungry.

Compassion International’s Emergency Feeding fund was created to help families like Elizabeth’s. By giving to this fund, you become the difference between life and death to those in the most desperate of need. Please give to the Emergency Feeding fund today.