The God of "Wow!"

The God of "Wow!"

By: Gail Johnson, Compassion Sponsor   |   Posted: April 09, 2004

Kimberly (left) and her sponsor Gail Johnson were nearly inseparable during the sponsor tour. Gail is a seasoned missionary but nothing prepared her for the experience that she said characterizes God's awesomeness - meeting her sponsored child.

Being a seasoned Compassion sponsor who has been on numerous tours and trips to developing countries, I was excited to go on this trip to the Dominican Republic. Having experienced this before, I was sure it would have an impact on me. But what would God use to make me say "Wow" to His awesome goodness?

The day had finally come to meet my sponsored child, Kimberly. As a nurse, I had begun to get clues through her letters that there was a medical concern. I had prayed and asked God to help me discover what the problem was and how I could help her. While we had exchanged several letters and pictures over the past two years, I was still a stranger - or so I thought.

The excitement was building as one by one children and their parents arrived at the hotel where the 40 sponsors waited. Finally, Kimberly came into the room, carried by her mother. She was able to pick me out of the crowd from pictures I had sent her. She practically leapt from her mother's arms into mine. "Wow!"

Kimberly is an intelligent, affectionate and energetic nine-year-old girl. We spent the day together at a zoo. We looked at the animals, played in the swimming pool, colored pictures and thoroughly enjoyed each other. There are just no words to describe the joy I experienced as we played and interacted. I can still feel her hugs around my neck and her light kisses on my cheek.

Kimberly's life is impacted by her limited mobility due to a bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta. She has deformities of both hips and fractures of both legs. She can walk for only short distances. Although she is nine years old, she is the size of a four-year-old and weighs about 30 pounds.

Since returning home, I have contacted Compassion to discuss Kimberly's need for surgery to improve her walking. We are praying that before too long, with the help of Compassion's health care fund, she will be given the gift of mobility.

I was not disappointed, as God's awesome goodness was made clear during my trip. He is a God who bridges cultural divides, works in mighty ways to provide for His children, gives strength and ability to the willing, brings joy to those who ask and causes the lame to walk. "Wow!"

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