Cookie-Baking Extravaganza Benefits POC

Cookie-Baking Extravaganza Benefits POC

By: Sean Sheridan, contributing writer   |   Posted: November 12, 2003

Betsy Shirley and eleven friends spend two days baking 3,000 cookies to sell. They raise $588 for Compassion's Partners of Compassion Fund.

Betsy Shirley opened the oven door and peered inside. A delicious-smelling blast of warm air from the fresh-baked, golden, chocolate chip cookies rose up and quickly permeated the kitchen. The dozen women gathered there breathed in the rich aroma and then exhaled collective sighs of relief. It was the last batch of three thousand cookies to come out of the oven.

For the past two days, Betsy and her eleven friends had been baking cookies to raise money for Compassion's Partners of Compassion (POC) Fund. After it was all said and done, $588 went straight to the aid of Compassion children and families in need around the world.

Partners of Compassion Fund fills additional needs

Compassion believes fervently that the most effective way for long-term change to occur in developing countries is for one sponsor to take an active interest in the life of one child. And that's what Betsy along with her group of friends have been doing for Minouche Aninus, a Compassion child in Haiti whom the group has sponsored for the past two years. But they often wondered if they could do more. Then last Christmas, they heard about Partners of Compassion.

When a need arises that sponsorship funds don't cover, whether in the life of one child or an entire project, the Partners of Compassion Fund steps in to help. Each POC gift goes beyond standard child sponsorship and makes special projects possible. POC helps to provide costly, necessary medical supplies, assists with hygiene improvements, such as building clean water tanks, wells and latrines and  provides non-formal education. The fund offers an extra layer of care that can benefit an entire community like the one Minouche lives in. It was exactly what Betsy and her gang were looking for and the bake sale was born.

A great time for a worthy cause

For the group, the time together and the knowledge that they have a direct impact on children in need made the bake fest something they got excited about. "You can probably tell from the smiles on our faces that we all had a great and messy time," Betsy says. "Everyone agreed to do it again this Christmas!"

Thanks, Betsy, for your faithful service to impoverished children around the world!

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