Compassion Nicaragua Turns One

Compassion Nicaragua Turns One

A Brief Look at a Recent Entry Into a Country

By: Nydia Teter   |   Posted: September 10, 2003

The children of Managua have a past ravaged by war and, most recently, by Hurricane Mitch (1998). Through your sponsorship, Compassion's new projects in Nicaragua will bring much-needed encouragement and hope to the children there.

Compassion Nicaragua officially turned one this summer. It's a hard-earned birthday, reached through the prayers and perseverance of many.

Take, for instance, the nearly two years of red tape involved in establishing a new nongovernmental organization in this Middle America nation. It also takes time to find qualified ministry partners, staff and suitable facilities to house a child development center. Add in the hiring of staff and registration of children and it quickly becomes clear that the road is long for setting up a system within a developing nation to release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

If You Build It, They Will Come

In the case of Juan Calderó pastor of Iglesia Lirios de los Valles (Lilies of the Valleys Church) in Ciudad Sandino, he and his congregation felt such a strong leading by God to partner with Compassion that, even before the church's application was approved, they renovated and enlarged their church's facilities. It needed to accommodate 150 children, the minimum number required to begin a Compassion project.

Even when they had only 75 children, they prayed and persisted through the application process, thanking God the whole time for the foundation he'd laid. When their approval finally came through, Lirios de los Valles became Compassion Nicaragua's second church partner, with 155 children lined up for registration in their new student center, Joyas de Cristo (Jewels of Christ, NI-102).

Compassion Nicaragua Puts Down Roots

Compassion Nicaragua started with 10 projects around the capital city, Managua, and nearby Ciudad Sandino. In just one year, church partners and staff have set up another 16 projects  for a total of 26 and registered a total of nearly 4,000 children. The children served by Compassion in Nicaragua are also blessed with passionate leadership and with staff who themselves inspire passion in the children they serve  all with the love of Christ.

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