Compassion Helps Children Survive Hurricane Stan's Aftermath

Compassion Helps Children Survive Hurricane Stan's Aftermath

  |   Posted: May 16, 2006

Mexico's Children — Braving the Storm's Aftermath

Hurricane Stan pummeled Latin America with torrential rains, inflicting its wrath on the area's most defenseless residents  impoverished children, like José ¨right) and his sisters.

Mexico's Children  Braving the Storm's Aftermath

José lberto Montes still remembers the rain. He was standing in the middle of his bamboo home in southern Mexico watching the water rise. Water seeped up over his ankles, reached his knees, and continued up his wiry body  frightening the little boy.

"I was drowning," 9-year-old José ³ays now. Next to him his mattress floated away, pushed by the current of the river near his home in Arriaga, Mexico. Rain from Hurricane Stan produced floodwaters that destroyed the coastal villages and homes that stood in their way.

José ¡nd his family were among 100,000 people in southern Mexico who were displaced by Hurricane Stan last October. But thanks to your help, José ¡nd his family were not left alone to struggle with the tragedy. Thanks to generous donors like you, José ¡nd hundreds of other Compassion-assisted children and their families in Mexico received assistance. And, of course, José ²eceived a new mattress!

In Mexico:

  • More than 800 Compassion-assisted children and their families received rice, beans, cooking oil and other food supplies.
  • More than 400 children and their families received antibiotics to prevent water-borne illnesses.
  • More than 300 families received other supplies, such as blankets, powdered milk, mattresses and bedspreads.

Relief efforts continue as the families of many Compassion children who lost their homes are working to rebuild them with materials purchased with Compassion's Hurricane Stan Relief funds.

Rebuilding Lives inEl Salvador

Non-stop rains fell for three days, leaving El Salvador a waterlogged mess and its people looking for solace from the storm. The storm affected 26 Compassion projects in El Salvador, and more than 400 children and their families received help through Compassion's Hurricane Stan Relief Fund.

In El Salvador:

  • More than 400 children and their families received food supplies and clean water.
  • More than 160 families received home supplies, such as mattresses and plastic sheets. Families also received medicines to prevent water-borne illnesses and clothing.
  • Compassion is also building at least 43 houses for children and their families who lost their homes.

Guatemala  Overcoming Devastating Loss

Hurricane Stan wreaked devastating havoc all throughout Central America, but Guatemala seemed the worst hit of all the countries. More than 600 people lost their lives in the storm, and nearly 140,000 people were forced into temporary shelters. About 1,200 Compassion-assisted people were affected by the storm but, thanks to donors like you, they received timely support.

In Guatemala:

  • Compassion is building 91 homes for displaced children.
  • About 1,200 people received basic necessities, such as maize, rice, beans and cooking oil.
  • These families also receive clean water.

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