Cecia and Letsby

Cecia and Letsby

By: Linda Gomez, Honduras Communications Specialist   |   Posted: January 26, 2006

Letsbi and Cecia

Only a year apart in age, 13-year-old Letsbi and 14-year-old Cecia are more than sisters; they're best friends who share a special love for each other and the Lord. As children who are both sponsored through Compassion in Honduras, their faith is reinforced through the partner church that coordinates their project.

When Letsbi and Cecia were transferred to another project closer to their home, they felt out of place. Not only were they the "new kids" in town, but they were also the oldest children in the program. At first they didn't like it, but then they began to see God's plan.

"The project was the means God used to get us involved in the church," says Cecia. God's plan to get the girls involved in church began the first day at the new project when they met Noelia, the project tutor. Both girls immediately loved Noelia. "From the first day at the project I told Noelia I wanted to be one of the girls she discipled," Cecia remembers.

God's plan really took shape when Letsbi and Cecia joined Noelia and a group of girls on a church retreat. During the retreat, Noelia impressed on the girls how much God loved them and that, in His eyes, they were all little princesses.

Being a princess was a foreign concept to Cecia and Letsbi. That's because the hard-working sisters get up at 6 a.m. each day to cook tortillas to sell. They also must clean their little house made of wood with a dirt floor and no running water. However, at the retreat they were constantly told that they were God's princesses, special and unique in every way. "It was just something beautiful," the girls recalled. And it changed their lives.

Both Letsbi and Cecia returned from the retreat with a passion to tell others about Christ, and began searching for younger girls to disciple. They went from house to house in their neighborhood, inviting girls to join a Bible study. Cecia and Letsbi fasted and prayed, and soon some girls responded. Currently, Cecia is discipling eight girls and Letsbi disciples seven.

The sisters were recently honored at their church for their efforts. But Cecia and Letsbi feel honored to be used of God to counsel and pray for other girls in need. Many of the girls have either an absent or an alcoholic father and life is hard. But Cecia and Letsbi offer hope in Jesus' name.

Cecia and Letsbi also have great hope for the future. Letsbi wants to be a policewoman and Cecia wants to teach. Both girls also see themselves serving in the church for the rest of their lives and having husbands and children who serve the Lord.

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