Art Teaching

Art Teaching

By: Phoebe Rogers   |   Posted: May 20, 2003

At Cristo Vive Student Center in Peru, Giovanna Martinez leads her kindergarten class in an alphabet lesson. Giovanna enjoys the study of language and hopes to follow up her teaching certification with a graduate degree in language pathology, so that she might help students with language and speech disabilities.

Art was one of Giovanna Martinez's favorite subjects in school. She showed a natural talent for drawing and one of her many high school accomplishments was a first place finish in a drawing contest. Giovanna also excelled in math, Spanish, literature and history, and when she graduated, she was awarded a scholarship to attend university.

Giovanna's family is extremely poor and often did not have the funds to purchase her books and school supplies. When her father left the family, her mother had to raise Giovanna and her two younger brothers on the limited income she received as a dressmaker. Without her Compassion sponsorship through Cristo Vive Student Center in Peru, it's likely that Giovanna never would have finished school.

Giovanna is currently studying to become a teacher and her natural creativity comes through as she makes learning interesting for her students. In addition to student teaching at a nearby boys' school, she tutors kindergarten students at Cristo Vive - an activity she began as a high school sophomore.

But perhaps the teaching that gives her the most joy these days is the help she offers her brothers, ages 7 and 13, in their studies. "My mother used to feel sad because she had to work so much and didn't have time to help her children with their homework," she explains. "But now, I get to help my brothers." If these two boys are any indication, Giovanna is going to be an excellent teacher. Both are near the top of their classes and already talking about what they want to be when they grow up.

Recently Giovanna learned of an opportunity to apply for a graduate scholarship to study language pathology - another subject in which she has shown considerable aptitude - in either France or Canada after she finishes her teaching degree. Her professors, project director and mother are all encouraging her to pursue this wonderful possibility.

Having finished high school two years ago, Giovanna took part in another graduation ceremony in February 2003 - along with 700 other Peruvian youth - to celebrate her completion of Compassion's Learning for Life program. Regardless of whether she travels abroad to continue her studies, Giovanna has already begun to demonstrate the impact Compassion sponsorship has had on her life. She has also shown that she is committed, in turn, to having a positive impact on the lives of those around her in the years to come.

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