A Ten-Year-Old's Turnaround

A Ten-Year-Old's Turnaround

By: Jeremy Lees   |   Posted: June 10, 2002

Ten-year-old Jorg頍orataya of Guatemala City, Guatemala, once fit the classic profile of the troubled student. Attending classes sporadically and against his wishes, he earned a reputation as a problem child among his teachers, even as early as kindergarten. Jorg駳 growing log of behavior problems ranged from fighting with other students to verbally abusing his teachers, leading ultimately to his dismissal from two elementary schools.

Jorg駳 behavior began to make a dramatic turnaround, however, when he was registered as a Compassion child and started attending the Tesalonica Student Center in Guatemala City. Under his teachers' careful watch and loving attention, Jorg駳 spirit of aggressiveness soon gave way to a gentler temperament. Project Director Abraham De Le󮠷as especially sensitive to Jorg駳 needs, expressing interest in the boy's home life and encouraging him in his dreams of being a fireman.

Jorg駳 teachers now describe him as a healthy, enthusiastic child who actively participates in all project activities, especially soccer and drawing. He's also warm and open with fellow students and is among the most popular children in his class. And though his past expulsions have left him two years behind in his studies, teachers are confident that with his new attitude Jorg頣an make up for lost time.

Just as encouraging as Jorg駳 revived interest in school is the comeback he's made at home. His family reports that his enthusiasm for school has spilled over into family activities and his relationships with his two siblings, Alma, 13, and Luis, 11. He's also more respectful toward his father, who works as a security guard to support the family.

Not surprisingly, it was after Jorg頭ade a decision for Christ that the family started to notice his improved behavior. Seeing Jorg駳 transformation sparked enough curiosity to prompt the family to attend church one Sunday morning. Now Jorg駳 parents and siblings are committed Christians and host a Bible study in their home.

Appropriately enough, one of Jorg駳 favorite songs is "Jesus Loves Me." Simple as its words are, they reflect exactly Jorg駳 newfound understanding of the Lord: that He loves Jorg頶ery much and will guide him throughout life.

Please pray for our student center teachers, who strive to show the love of Christ to every child in our program.

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