A Story of the Heart

A Story of the Heart

By: Janet Root, Contributing Writer   |   Posted: May 16, 2006

Health Intervention Saves a Little Girl's Life

Since she was a little girl, Rasmata had always had chest pains. But lack of resources kept her family from getting proper medical care. Thanks to the physical exam she received at her Compassion-assisted project, Rasmata's heart problem was discovered and now she is receiving treatment.

Rasmata never knew her father. He died from heart disease when she was an infant. Since his death, the little girl's mother, Traore Salamata, has cared for her daughter and two sons alone. She grows a few vegetables in a tiny garden plot to sell in the local market. But Traore's earnings are not nearly enough to feed, clothe, educate and provide her three children with medical care. Consequently, though Rasmata has suffered severe chest pains most of her eight years of life, until recently she had never had a medical checkup.

But once Rasmata was registered in the Compassion Burkina Faso program last year, she finally received her first complete medical checkup. And the examination came none too soon. An X-ray revealed the beginning of a malformation in Rasmata's heart. "Before I enrolled in Compassion's program, I was always sick and my mother couldn't afford to take me to a health center," says the 8-year-old. "But with the help of Compassion, I went to the hospital and my heart problem was discovered."

Compassionate Health Care

Thankfully, the condition was discovered before serious complications had set in, Rasmata's doctor says. The diagnosis was made on time, and the little girl's heart will have no problem healing with the medical care she is receiving. The project workers are also helping to monitor the second-grader's condition.

"It is a miracle Rasmata's disease was found out before it was too late," says Traore. "My daughter would have died if the center hadn't provided medical care. Thanks to the ministry of Compassion, my daughter's life is saved!"

Not only has the widowed mother noticed a great change in her daughter's physical health, but she's also noticed improvement in her daughter's behavior since she joined Compassion's program. "My daughter has become a better girl. She is always ready to help wash the dishes or do chores around the house. She is now truly happy," says the proud mom.

Rasmata agrees with her mom, adding: "Because of my Compassion sponsor's help, my hope of becoming a teacher some day is now possible!"

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