Fraudulent Job Postings – Warning

Please be aware that we have received recent reports of individuals fraudulently claiming to recruit for jobs with Compassion International via websites such as Craigslist, UpWork and other public sites. These advertisements, and the persons posting them, are in no way affiliated with Compassion International and replying to the postings or ads often lead to identity theft or financial crime scams. These ads do not specifically mention Compassion in the original job posting or the title of the advertisement. It is not until you reply to the advertisement that Compassion International is mentioned and you are then asked to begin working immediately and are offered immediate compensation.

After you reply to the advertisement, many of these scams will offer to send you checks that you have to cash as an “assignment” and provide supplies to orphans or foster children. This will lead to further communications in which you reveal more and more about your identity and financial information. Compassion International does not operate orphanages or foster homes in the United States or abroad.

Individuals posting fraudulent ads will typically communicate from an or email account. Compassion employees only use corporate email addresses that end in either or Emails from any other domain claiming to have affiliation with Compassion International should be considered suspicious and potentially fraudulent in nature.

If you have answered one of these job postings or advertisements, or have concerns about a job posting you have seen, please report the matter to Compassion International at It is very important you also provide the web link to the actual ad, if available, so we can have the posting removed.

To learn more about online scams like these or to file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, please visit