Tech Stacks

The Compassion IT team is currently in the midst of migration from on-premise database structures to AWS and .NET development stack to Node, React and Golang. This is all in the hopes that we'll be able to leverage our existing data and couple it with Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and maybe even Virtual Reality. We figure our technology should match the passion we have for releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name!

IT Tech stack

Who You Are

You are a code connoisseur looking to make a huge impact on a future generation. You see how software development, programming and technology can change the life of a child in poverty in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Meet the Team

Tony, Senior Director of IT Support

"Compassion IT is utilizing many modern tools and practices compared to other profit and non-profit companies. We frequently engage with other organization and provide insight, or consultation, on how we achieved many of our technical successes. At the end of the day, however, it’s about aligning your technical talents with your passion for God and His precious children. No other leading tech company can offer that purpose."

Bryan, Manager of IT Operations

"My relationship with the Lord has been strengthened by my phenomenal team, amazing co-workers, and wonderful boss. I get to come to work at Compassion and make an impact every single working day. What I do now truly matters."

Kaitlin, Devops Specialist

"Compassion staff takes time and resources to make sure its people are growing and developing technically, professionally, and spiritually. What a combo! I have not experienced being so cheered on to be my best in a workplace like I have here."