After You Apply for a Job - Compassion International

After You Apply

Interviewing Quick Tips

  1. Research available position(s) to ensure the best match for your skill level and passion. Visit our Department Descriptions page to learn more about what each team does, how they impact our mission, and what jobs are available.
  2. Learn more about Compassion and our mission using the About Us section of our website.
  3. Use practice questions to brainstorm answers and calm your nerves. Typical interview questions surround topics such as faith-walk, situational analysis, problem solving, technical skills, learning methods, and work style.
  4. Display your top strengths and technical skills by providing detailed examples as to how you handle situations, drive tangible results and work as part of a team.
  5. Come prepared with questions that show commitment to not just finding a job, but finding the right job for you! Interview us as much as we interview you. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions to find out whether our environment is the right fit.
  6. Trust in the Lord’s planning, timing, and will for your future career.