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Donate to the Education and School Fees fund and help educate a child in poverty.

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Education plays a significant role in releasing a child from poverty. An educated child is equipped with the tools to fight poverty and conquer disease. And school offers a safe, supportive environment for children to learn life skills and make friends.

Compassion works with partner churches to identify the needs that extend beyond our core ministries. For families who cannot afford these needs, Compassion offers educational assistance to cover:

  • Primary and secondary education fees
  • Costs for pre-university preparatory courses and entrance exams
  • Lab and test fees

This fund is a part of Education Needs

How Compassion Helps

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More than 10 percent of children in Nicaragua will never finish high school. With no job prospects, many are lured into drugs and gangs.

Through the support of the Education and School Fees program, Compassion's church partners recently implemented programs for adolescents to stay in school. After-school tutoring, workshops on how to take tests and write papers, and computer training were offered.

To date, the nearly 400 teens enrolled in these programs are on their way to finishing high school and breaking the cycle of poverty.

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