It Works: Watch Claire’s Story

Growing up in the Philippines, Claire had little stability. See how she now helps children find peace in the midst of poverty.

It Works: Watch Claire’s Story

Compassion’s It Works program follows select children in each of the 26 countries we serve, documenting their journey through Compassion. Every five to seven years we visit these children, capturing interviews, film and photos, demonstrating how the Compassion program is working in these children’s lives and their progress through the program.

Meet Claire, From the Philippines!

Compassion It Works first visited Claire Giamzon when she was 12 years old. As a child in Manila, Claire experienced very little stability. There were drugs and violence in the slum where she lived, and as a teenager Claire’s family lost their home when the entire area was bulldozed by the government.

Claire was 6 years old when she was enrolled in the Compassion Child Sponsorship Program. She says she has always dreamed of being a teacher, and through Compassion she began teaching Sunday school classes when she was in high school.

When Claire was 17 she was accepted at the University of Manila where she is studying mathematics and computer science. But Claire has not forgotten her years at Compassion, and she still spends time at the center where she tutors and teaches music.

Now 21, Claire is just a few months from finishing college. It has been almost a decade since she was first visited through the It Works program, and while she has grown and matured, Claire claims much has also stayed the same.

“I’m still me, the same funny girl you talked to five years ago,” says Claire with a laugh. “But I feel that I am more focused now in my ministries. Teaching little children really helped me become more patient. And really, when I am with children, I feel like I am a better person, and when I am with little children, it’s like my problems go away.”