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A family sits at a table and shares a meal
Around the Family Table

What is the center of your home? For many, the answer is the kitchen! And for families in poverty that answer is no different. Travel around the world to see these hubs of food and fellowship.

Two women hold a Bible together
Thanks Even Through the Storms

El Niño translates in English to “The Little Boy.” A deceptively innocent phrase for a weather phenomenon that threatened to destroy Jenifer’s home in Peru.

A boy sitting outside is eating from a plate he is holding.
Food for Thought

One in eight people goes to bed hungry each night. And it’s often children who feel the hunger pains the most deeply. See how Compassion works to ensure healthy, happy bedtimes for each child we serve.

Several children praying
Count Your Blessings

At a time when life and situations seem out of our control, let's take a few minutes out of our day to think through the “wonderful deeds” God has shown us.