A Mother's Story

A Mother's Story
Bizuayeh and her child

Bizuayeh’s journey is one of loss — and redemption. She has lived with loss and abuse, and when she entered Compassion’s Child Survival Program in Ethiopia, her youngest child was close to death. Recently, Bizuayeh shared her story with us.

“After my first husband died, I worked hard to support my family. I worked all kinds of jobs, including washing clothes, baking, and working at a flower farm. When my current husband asked me to marry him, I thought I had found a man who is willing to accept me as I am and support me. I decided to marry him thinking that life would become much easier with him by my side.

“But life has been tough. My second husband was an alcoholic and an addict. The day I found out I was pregnant with my second child was one of the darkest days of my life since I was already struggling to support the family. It just wasn’t fair to bring a baby to a home filled with disagreement, despair and most of all to a home that was empty.

“I did not have enough to eat when I was pregnant. When the doctors handed me my baby, I cried because he was tiny. I didn’t think that he would live through the day. I was very sad because even if he survived I had no money to take care of him. I cried every day. I asked God why He gave me a baby when He was going to take him away from me. My neighbors waited for the news of his passing and every morning they would come and be surprised to see him alive.

“Through all this, [my husband] used the money he earned working as a daily laborer to get drunk. The village elders talked to him about it but there was no change. He chose his alcohol over his son’s life.

“[One of my neighbors told me about the Child Survival Program.] But when I reached the church compound, I was shocked to see many mothers and babies in situations worse than mine. There were mothers who were blind, with different disabilities, and there were also babies who [were barely alive]. I cried bitterly. Everybody was desperate….

“[Somehow, I was chosen.] Maybe because my child was so small. And today, my neighbors, who used to come daily to check on how he was doing, praise God for sparing my baby’s life through the Child Survival Program. My baby eats nutritious food and drinks milk every day. He has gained so much weight and I am amazed to see how well he is doing. It’s like seeing another child.

“The benefits my son and I are getting are beyond my expectation. Every time I go to the center, I’m reminded of the love of God for me and my family. If it were not for the Child Survival Program, my child wouldn’t have lived until now and I would have definitely died also. But God is good.”