Delivering Hope During a Pandemic

  |   Posted: August 01, 2020

Felix and his friends make time in their very busy schedules to serve those suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic in their community.

A family is standing together behind a table full of food that a volunteer from Compassion brought them.

It’s 8 a.m. in Jicamarca, Peru. The morning sun is already beaming — it’s going to be a hot day. Felix, a Compassion-sponsored young man, and a group of his friends have gathered at their local Compassion center. And with gloves and masks, they start to pack groceries.

In the region surrounding Lima, where Jicamarca is located, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a devastating toll. Many caregivers have lost their sources of income due to the quarantine, causing food insecurity to skyrocket. Hundreds of families in the community are constantly wondering where their next meal is going to come from.

But Felix and his friends decided to do something to help. So, they volunteered with Compassion’s church partner staff to help distribute bags of groceries to families in the community.

A Compassion center volunteer is delivering food to a family.
“There are so many people in need and we just want to help like we were helped by Compassion as children. It’s something that comes from our hearts,” Felix says.

Distributing groceries is hard work. It requires this group of young people to get up early, meet at the Compassion center to sort and pack groceries, drive to the community and walk from home to home, dropping off heavy bags of food. But to this generous group, the reactions of the families they serve make it all worth it.

“People were in tears, just thanking us for the bag and saying it’s a gift from God, that he exists and that they didn’t have anything to eat anymore before we came,” Felix says.

Felix stands in front of a brick wall

In response to the care that he has received from Compassion and his sponsors, Felix is dedicating his life to making a positive impact on the world. Felix recently earned a university degree in psychology and now he is using it to support children and families in his community. He also serves the youths and staffs of other Compassion centers across the region.

To top it off, Felix will graduate from the Compassion program early next year. He will be able to dedicate all his time to serving others in his community.

“My response in life can only be to help people,” says Felix.

It’s exceptional young people like Felix and his friends who bring so much hope to their communities, and to the world!