Visits of Hope

  |   Posted: May 01, 2020

Walk with Jael as she braves street dogs, sweltering heat and long journeys to meet with moms and babies on her weekly visits of hope.

Jael braves fierce street dogs, burning sun, and long journeys on foot and public transport to visit 21 mothers in the Survival Intervention program at their homes.

Did you know that mothers and babies enrolled in Compassion’s Survival Program are visited each month by a Survival Specialist? Let’s journey with Jael, who visits 21 homes in Bolivia every single month to pray with moms, play with babies and provide a valuable lifeline to families in extreme poverty.

Jael is holding a child at a home visit while she shows a poster to the baby's mother

“The Survival Program’s mothers are changing because I first speak and share the lesson with them, then they will teach it to their children,” says Jael. Here, she teaches a mother about good hygiene, specifically hand-washing, to keep her entire family healthy.

Jael visits Ibeth, and her baby

“I love when she visits me because I’m always alone,” says Ibeth, a 17-year-old mom. “I see her as a friend, as a sister. I don’t have an older sister and I see her like that. She helps me and guides me so I could know what I’m doing wrong.”

Jael holds a baby during a visit

Because Jael gets one-on-one time with mothers and babies in their homes, she understands how they live and what their needs are. “We can see changes in the mothers' attitudes. For example, they learned to love and care for their children and stepchildren,” says Jael, pictured here with 10-month-old Zaid.

Jael works at her desk

Back at the church-based Compassion center after a long day of visits, Jael reflects on her time with the moms and babies she has visited today. “My favorite part of my work is home visits because the mothers eagerly wait for me to go and speak with them. Besides studying the lesson, I feel the mothers need us because several of them don’t have a family to share with or to tell what they are going through.”

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