I Have a Heart for EDUCATING GIRLS

  |   Posted: February 01, 2020

Imagine getting straight A’s, but not being able to go to school because you can’t afford books or uniforms. That was the reality that the staff at a Compassion center in Honduras couldn’t accept. They implemented a scholarship program that has helped hundreds of children cover education fees. Hear from five girls who have received these life-changing scholarships!

11-year-old Heybi

“I’m grateful because I was given the opportunity to attend school. I feel encouraged to work harder because of the scholarship I got in the Compassion center. I wish to become a doctor and help people in my community.”

— Heybi, 11 years old

11-year-old Meibelyn

I thank God for the scholarship I was granted in the Compassion center. I’m able to buy extra schoolwear, shoes and school supplies.”

— Meibelyn, 11 years old

11-year-old Leticia

“Since I was given the scholarship my grades have been straight A's. I like to honor God and my parents with my school grades and I’m grateful that I can attend school. I wish to become a dentist and treat the children of my community.

— Leticia, 11 years old

11-year-old Yoselin

“I pray and ask God for wisdom and study at a quiet spot before taking an exam. That’s my secret for getting straight A's. I’m grateful for the scholarship because my family and I are economically supported to afford extra school supplies or cover other school needs that I might have.”

— Yoselin, 11 years old

10-year-old Ibania

“When I get home, I do my homework and after that I relax a little bit by playing outside with my friends. I’m grateful for the scholarship so I can afford school supplies. I wish to become a nurse and help those in need in my community.”

— Ibania, 10 years old