Photo Essay

  |   Posted: October 31, 2019

You can learn a lot about a person by what they’re thankful for. In this photo essay, you can step into the hearts and lives of children in poverty as they answer the question, WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?

5-year-old Jennifer

"I am thankful for my little brother Cris, for my mom and dad, for friends I can play with, and I am thankful I can eat at the center."

— Jennifer, 5 years old

14-year-old Alberto

"I am thankful to God for I am alive — He changed my life completely. I am thankful for the Compassion center, because we are supported and taught about Jesus. I am also thankful for my tutor, my sponsor and my parents."

— Alberto, 14 years old

14-year-old Nayely

"I’m thankful because I have one more day of life, because my parents are healthy, and because my family is always together.”

— Nayely, 14 years old

11-year-old Isabel

“I’m thankful because I have a sponsor and she helps my family. Her name is Susan.”

— Isabel, 11 years old

10-year-old Elio

“I’m thankful because I can pray, for the help we receive, and because at the center they teach us about the Bible so we could get to know more about God."

— Elio, 10 years old

13-year-old Vilma

“I’m thankful because God always gives a new day of life to me and my family. I’m also thankful for my family because they are always with me when I wake up in the mornings.”

— Vilma, 13 years old

6-year-old Karolay

“I am grateful because I am able to paint and play with modeling clay.”

— Karolay, 6 years old

13-year-old Ancajima

"I am thankful that my parents are alive because they care about me. I am also thankful for my new sponsor. She just sent me a letter and I am very excited about that."

— Ancajima, 13 years old

6-year-old Paola

"I give thanks to God because He loves me so much and that makes me smile."

— Paola, 6 years old