A Father Bakes to Provide

  |   Posted: April 30, 2019

Because of the generosity of Compassion supporters, Jose, a father in Peru, is able to open his very own bakery in the community, nearly tripling his income as a farmer and helping him provide for his infant daughter, Ariana.

As a potato and rice farmer, Jose rarely brought home even $2 a day to provide for his wife and newborn daughter, Ariana. But because Ariana and Jose’s wife were enrolled in Compassion’s Survival initiative, Jose was able to get training as a baker and open his own business through Compassion's Microenterprise and Income Generation Program.

Today, the $50 Jose once brought home as a farmer has swelled to $120! And his confidence has also grown — he now calls himself a successful businessman, loving husband and doting father!

Watch his story!