"Because of Compassion, I have hope."

  |   Posted: November 08, 2018

When a devastating carpentry accident left Gil unable to work and care for his children, the father contemplated suicide. But through the ministry of Compassion and the local church, Gil has not only found physical healing, but a renewed sense of hope!

A man in a brown shirt leans his back against a wall while his arms are crossed

Gil had a carpenter’s heart. He loved the smooth feel of the wood under his palms. The smell of the wood shavings that littered the floor. But most of all, he loved creating something beautiful from a simple block of wood.

Gil spent years trying to turn that passion into a vocation. He volunteered at a woodworking shop and spent hours observing and practicing. But the shop wouldn’t pay him until he learned all the needed skills. So he worked for hours and came home to his wife and five hungry children with no way to support them.

But still, Gil persevered. He believed that one day, once he mastered the required skills, he would be able to get a good job and care for his family.

Then, there was the accident.

As Gil worked at the shop one afternoon using a powerful sander, his hand slipped. Within an instant, he lost parts of three fingers. Without the money to pay for medical care, Gil suffered in constant pain. His wounds bled constantly, and he was unable to work. Soon, Gil found himself dealing with crippling depression and no solution.

“When this took place in my life, I was very devastated,” says Gil. “I came home, my kids didn’t have anything to eat, I didn’t have any money. We suffered a lot. I talked to my wife, and I just decided ‘I’m gonna take my life.’ What’s the point of living. I’m not providing for my children. I thought we were bad, but now we’re getting worse.”

A man in a brown shirt leans his back against a wall while his arms are crossed

In the middle of this dark time though, Gil received a visit from the pastor at the Compassion center that several of his children attended. Pastor Romero not only ministered to Gil through prayer, but he also helped him get the medical care he needed, which included antibiotics and months of doctor visits.

It was a grueling six months of recovery, but by the end of it Gil had found both spiritual and physical healing. Throughout that season, Compassion helped provide food and support for the entire family, easing some of the burden on Gil and his wife.

Gil does not know exactly what the future holds. The remote jungle community where his family lives has few opportunities outside of manual labor. But Gil knows that even though difficult times remain ahead, his family is held in the palm of God’s hand.

a man, a wife and their five children

“I am very grateful to Compassion,” says Gil. “Because of Compassion I have hope.”