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Eliminating Barriers to Education

  |   Posted: August 10, 2018

From the subtle to the obvious, we explore barriers to education for children in poverty — and show you how your support removed those barriers for children in a rural community in Tanzania!

Children in poverty face obstacles every day. Diseases are an obstacle to health. Hunger an obstacle to growth. Gangs an obstacle to safety. The last thing they need is an obstacle to education, too.

Here are just three of the obstacles that children in our Compassion centers around the world face. Will you help eliminate some of them today?

a teacher at the front of a classroom with students sitting at their desks
Untrained Teachers

The simple fact is, globally, there are not enough trained teachers to provide universal primary education — much less secondary and beyond. The U.N. estimates that 69 million new teachers are needed to educate the world’s children. Compassion works hard to make sure that children receive any extra help they need at the center, from tutoring to simply helping a child to finish his or her homework.

school buildings
Inadequate School Buildings and Classrooms

In the video above, you can see how a Compassion center in Tanzania was forced to hold classes outside — where students were distracted, hot and thirsty. Simply building new classrooms can give children a safe place where they can learn and grow.

a student writing in a school notebook
No School Supplies

A shocking number of students have no access to school supplies, including paper, pencils and textbooks. For example, only 3.5 percent of sixth-graders in Tanzania have a textbook that they don’t have to share. That’s why many Compassion centers build libraries, so students, especially teens, have access to textbooks and reference books to do homework.