Poverty is common in many African countries and millions of children are at risk of hunger, HIV, AIDS, malnutrition, malaria and preventable disease. Compassion's Africa child development centers serve more than 317,400 children in eight countries—Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Togo and Uganda. Would you prayerfully consider donating to help children in our ministry? Your tax-deductible donation will make a lifelong impact in a child’s life. Thank you and God bless as you donate to Compassion’s funds, helping support children in Africa!

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“The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.”
— Proverbs 22:9


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We know that donating to a charity is an important decision, and encourage you to fully research an organization before you donate. If you have any unanswered questions about Compassion’s commitment to financial integrity or how we help those in need, please contact us today.

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If you prefer to speak with a Compassion representative on the phone, please call us at (800) 336-7676, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. MT.

Please call us at (800) 336-7676, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. MT to speak with a Compassion Representative.

Donate to Children in Africa

When you donate to children in Africa, your support goes to a Compassion child who is living in poverty. Compassion is active in eight countries in Africa and many of those countries face major problems which contribute to the poverty—famine, drought, economic hardship, and disease. In some countries, there are ongoing conflicts that have hampered economic progress.

According to the World Health Organization, Sub-Saharan Africa continues to be the center of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Also in this region, we find that more than 40 percent of the population is below 15-years-old. We rely on people to donate to children in Africa as a way to curb these poverty statistics.

When you donate to children in Africa through Compassion, you can help counter poverty in the second largest continent in the world. We provide clean water, child sponsorship, infant survival, leadership development, disease control and prevention, and social justice resources.

Join us today and donate to children in Africa.

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