Advisory: Ebola Outbreak in Kasese, Uganda

  |   Posted: June 13, 2019   |   Updated: August 05, 2019

Final Report: August 5, 2019

Uganda has completed the recommended 42 days without any new cases and was declared Ebola free, per a July 25, 2019 press release. In total, 12 Child Development Centers (CDCs) and thankfully no beneficiaries were affected. The CDCs are all re-opening and providing programming for beneficiaries.

Thank you for your prayers for the Kasese area and praise that Ebola hasn’t spread in Uganda.

Update #2: July 9, 2019

It’s been 26 days since the death of the last confirmed case of Ebola (within Uganda). Active case search and death surveillance is still ongoing. 1,507 people have been vaccinated (78 contacts, 747 contacts of contacts, and 683 front-line health workers). A cross-border meeting between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) revealed that the Ebola outbreak is still significant and far from ending. There is a need for long term sustainable and resilient interventions.

The 12 Child Development Centers affected are still under minimum operations.

Please continue to pray for the safety of our beneficiaries in this area.

Update #1: June 24, 2019

As of this date, there are no new confirmed cases of Ebola in Uganda. Active case surveillance is still ongoing in the health facilities and communities in the Kasese district. The surveillance team continues to investigate all alerts. So far, 12 Child Development Centers (CDCs) have been affected, as program activities are currently suspended. Therefore, there won't be any beneficiary letters from the CDCs at this time. Programs and letters are expected to resume in the first week of July.

Please pray for the safety of our beneficiaries and the CDCs in this area.

Disaster Alert: June 13, 2019

An outbreak of Ebola has been confirmed in Kasese, Uganda. Kasese is located in the mid-western area of Uganda near the Democratic Republic of Congo. Currently, there is a ban on public gatherings and medical teams have been dispatched to respond to the outbreak. All Child Development Centers in the Kasese cluster have been advised not to open for program activities until the area is declared to be free of Ebola. Due to legal restrictions regarding personal health information, we are not able to share specific information about affected beneficiaries.

Please pray for the safety of our beneficiaries in this area and no further spread of the disease.

Advisory: Ebola Outbreak in Kasese, Uganda - Compassion International