COVID-19 and Compassion’s Work in Burkina Faso

An in-depth look at the coronavirus pandemic in Burkina Faso

Last Updated: 04/12/2021

Active COVID-19 cases in Burkina Faso were reported to be 200 on April 5, but the true figure may be higher because testing is limited to about 2,000 rapid tests a day. In some hospitals, resources are low for non-COVID-19 patients because budgets have gone toward fighting the virus, so hospital staff have been paying for those resources themselves. Some medical staff have left the north and east parts of the country to escape instability and violence that have led to the internal displacement of over 1 million people. Many are without clean water, food, shelter or medical care. Famine-like conditions have been reported, and aid workers say half a million children under age 5 are acutely malnourished. As the situation continues to develop, women and children are especially vulnerable to exploitation, violence and malnutrition.

Most child development centers are allowing children to return in small groups for activities and classes, but some are only able to make home visits and phone calls to check in on families. Compassion partner churches have distributed over 565,500 food packs and 490,000 hygiene kits to families and continue to work to raise awareness of COVID-19 preventative measures. They also have helped nearly 92,000 individuals obtain medical care.

COVID response in Burkina Faso

A Message From National Staff

How Is Compassion Currently Operating in Burkina Faso?

Below, you will find the latest information on how Compassion is currently operating in Burkina Faso, including status updates on center openings, letter delivery and gift delivery. This is the most current information we have, though it can change quickly. Please know that all children and their families are being checked in on regularly by staff, either in person or by phone, even if the Compassion center is not open for programming.

Are Compassion Centers Open?

Most centers in Burkina Faso are hosting small group activities and classes while following safety protocols. Staff members continue to make phone calls and home visits to children and caregivers. Because of the generous support of sponsors and donors, they have been able to distribute over 565,500 food packs and 490,000 hygiene kits to children and their families!

COVID response in Burkina Faso

child reading IconStory From the Field

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on women is dramatically increasing in Burkina Faso. But as poverty is rising, Compassion's church partners are standing together as one to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the most vulnerable.

Beatrice is one of the brave caregivers that Compassion has come alongside. She was blessed a while back through the Compassion center in Ziniare where her 11-year-old son, Ezechiel, is registered. Through the support of Compassion and Ziniare’s sponsor, Beatrice was able to start a business.

“I am blessed that the center supported me to train to weave local fabric. They gave me not only the knowledge but also the weaving equipment,” she says. “My life is changed considerably because I can now contribute to the expenses of my family.”

Then, when Beatrice was carrying her fourth pregnancy, the first cases of the pandemic were reported in her country. The economic effect was severe.

“Before coronavirus, I could earn US $89 per month from weaving and selling local fabric. When the pandemic hit the country and led to all the restrictions, I lost 80% of my income. My husband couldn’t do his construction work to win our daily bread and we had to adjust our expenses so the kids can be served at least one meal per day,” she says.

Lifesaving support came from the child development center as another blessing to Beatrice and her family. During the pandemic, the center continuously provided for their needs.

“I was amazed that the center continued to give us rice, oil, soap and cash transfers to keep us from starvation,” she says.

Beatrice is grateful that the center prepared her to be more resilient when faced with crises like the pandemic. She says, “I cannot tell how my life would be if I was not trained to weave traditional clothes. I thank God that through weaving, my family is more sustainable and safer from many issues.”

How can I pray for Burkina Faso?

Please pray for medical staff as they take care of patients fighting COVID-19 and other illnesses. Pray that God would provide them with all the resources and strength they need. For more prayer resources, visit Compassion’s COVID-19 prayer page for prayer guides and a virtual prayer wall.

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