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Advisory: Volcanic Activity in Guatemala - June 2018

  |   Posted: June 04, 2018   |   Updated: July 03, 2018

The situation in Guatemala has stabilized since Fuego’s eruption in early June. Government agencies worked in the area near the volcano to assist affected people. Fifteen Child Development Centers (CDCs) closed temporarily as a precaution but have since resumed normal activities. There was no direct impact to Compassion beneficiaries, and no CDCs were damaged. Thank you for your prayers for Guatemala.

Update #2: June 6, 2018

Fuego Volcano continues to be active in Guatemala. Yesterday, the volcano released more pyroclastic flows (a fast-moving mixture of hot gas and volcanic matter), forcing search and rescue efforts to halt. Several communities near the volcano were evacuated. So far, 15 Child Development Centers (CDCs) are temporarily closed. There are still no reported beneficiary impacts so far. GU0975 is closest to the volcano, but they have not reported any damage at this point. Please pray for continued health and safety for our beneficiaries and church partners in this area.

Update #1: June 5, 2018

Response continues after Fuego’s eruption in Guatemala, and rescuers are searching for people who are missing. Beneficiary impacts are still unknown at this point. Child Development Centers (CDCs) are taking precautions to help beneficiaries avoid eye infections and respiratory illnesses from the ash in the air. Please continue to pray for health and safety among our beneficiaries in this area, and for strength and wisdom for rescue and relief workers. Compassion Guatemala will keep us updated as more information becomes available.

Disaster Alert: June 4, 2018

Yesterday on June 3 ,Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano erupted southwest of the capital, Guatemala City. Escuintla, Chimaltenango, and Sacatepequez Departments are in a state of emergency. All school activities in these departments have been suspended. The volcano erupted for more than 16 hours, burying villages located on its slopes in rocks, ash and mud. Pyroclastic flow (a fast-moving mixture of hot gas and volcanic matter) has killed several people. Temporary shelters have been set up for more than 3,000 evacuated residents. The airport was closed for 24 hours. No impact details are available at this time. Child Development Centers are assessing the impact to beneficiaries and their families and will send updates as soon as possible. Any impact to beneficiaries will be communicated to their supporter.