|   Posted: June 04, 2020   |   Updated: August 25, 2020

Final Update: August 24, 2020

In total, ten beneficiaries were affected. The Child Development Centers supported the affected families with groceries, home repairs and/or beds, depending on their needs.

Thank you for your prayers for the beneficiaries and their families.

Update #1: June 12, 2020

The storm impact in Guatemala was extensive with damage to at least 900 homes due to flooding and landslides. To date, seven beneficiaries have been impacted. The affected beneficiaries and families are being supported by the Child Development Center.

Please continue to pray for affected beneficiaries and their families.

Disaster Alert: June 3, 2020

In late May, Tropical Storm Amanda caused 8 structural collapses, as well as triggered 10 landslides and 22 floods in at least 11 departments of Guatemala.

So far, two beneficiaries have been affected. The affected beneficiaries are living in temporary shelters. The Child Development Center has provided groceries for the affected families. The assessment of impact is still ongoing.

Please pray for the safety and provision of affected beneficiaries, families and church partners.