Advisory: Tropical Depression in El Salvador

  |   Posted: June 03, 2020   |   Updated: June 03, 2020

Final Report: June 2, 2020

The tropical depression caused heavy rainfall, especially in the coastal areas. In total, one Child Development Center (CDC) and 252 beneficiaries were affected. The CDC's are utilizing Crisis Relief funds to support the affected beneficiaries and families.

Thank you for your prayers for the affected beneficiaries, families and church partner.

Disaster Alert: May 29, 2020

El Salvador is on alert for a Tropical Depression that is expected to bring heavy rainfall, flooding, strong winds, and landslides. Currently, no beneficiary impact details are available yet. The Child Development Centers have activated emergency committees and they are monitoring the situation and preparing beneficiaries and their families.

Please pray for the protection of the beneficiaries, families, and church partners throughout El Salvador