Advisory: Strong Winds in Mamproung, Togo

  |   Posted: May 05, 2020   |   Updated: June 08, 2020

Final Update: June 3, 2020

In total, 16 beneficiaries were affected. The affected families received spiritual and emotional support from the church, denomination and village chief. Crisis Relief funds were used to help repair the damaged homes (e.g. roofs).

Thank you for your prayers of safety and provision for the affected beneficiaries and their families.

Update #1: May 14, 2020

Strong winds caused damage to more homes on April 26th in the community of Mamproug. So far, 16 beneficiaries have been affected. The affected beneficiaries and families are living with relatives or neighbors until their homes (e.g. roofs) can be repaired. The Child Development Center staff and the Compassion National Office are providing support. Some caregivers have already started repairing their homes.

Please pray for the affected beneficiaries and families as they strive to restore their homes and return to live in them soon.

Disaster Alert: April 27, 2020

Strong winds caused extensive damage in the community of Mamproung in northern Togo. So far, nine beneficiaries have been affected. Many beneficiary homes have damaged roofs. The Child Development Center and the Togo National Office staff are assessing the damages and preparing to support the affected families.

Please pray for the affected beneficiaries and their families as they recover from damages and losses.