Advisory: Political Unrest in Haiti - November 2018 - Compassion International

Advisory: Political Unrest in Haiti - November 2018

  |   Posted: November 26, 2018   |   Updated: February 11, 2019

Final Report: February 11, 2019

No further unrest has been experienced recently. No Child Development Centers were directly affected and no additional beneficiaries were affected. Thank you for your prayers over this situation.

Update #1: December 17, 2018

Child Development Centers (CDCs) are operational and beneficiaries have returned to school and are preparing for their tests prior to Christmas break. However, the situation remains delicate in several neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince due to gang activities. So far, 73 beneficiaries have been reported as affected. Please continue to pray for the safety of beneficiaries and their families in this area.

Disaster Alert: November 26, 2018

Haiti recently commemorated the 215th anniversary of its victory over the French army on November 18. The country experienced a massive protest involving armed groups in the cities of Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haitian, Les Cayes, and Miragoane. The turmoil deepened and resulted in another protest and strikes early last week. In addition, protestors are demanding the resignation of Haiti’s current president due to allegations of corruption. A temporary calm returned over this past weekend, but more protests are anticipated this week. Compassion Haiti is keeping a close watch on protest activities, keeping the safety of beneficiaries first and foremost in their operations. Please pray for Haiti's stability and safety for staff, beneficiaries, and their families.