Advisory: Local Conflict in Gilgel Beles

  |   Posted: July 11, 2019   |   Updated: September 23, 2019

Final Report: September 23, 2019

The town of Gilgel Beles remains calm. he beneficiaries who attend the two Child Development Centers (CDCs) in the area have returned to their homes and are attending program activities.

Thank you for your prayers for the beneficiaries and Child Development Center staff.

Disaster Alert: July 11, 2019

In late May, a local conflict occurred in Gilgel Beles in the Benishangul Gumuz region. It has now shifted to a more critical situation and many people have been internally displaced, as it’s not a stable situation yet. The local government is working to stop the unrest.

So far, 38 beneficiaries have been affected. Some beneficiaries and their families have temporarily moved to nearby towns Chagni and Injibara. The Child Development Center (CDC) has established a task force and plans to locate each beneficiary, assess their situation, and visit the families. They hope to address the immediate needs of the affected families with the collaboration of a nearby CDC. The Project Facilitator is closely following the situation and the condition of the beneficiaries, as well. Compassion Disaster Relief Funds have been sent to the CDC to support the relief efforts.

Please pray for the safety of the beneficiaries, CDC, and the community and that the situation is brought under control so peace can be restored.

Advisory: Local Conflict in Gilgel Beles, Ethiopia - Compassion International