|   Posted: November 09, 2020   |   Updated: December 01, 2020

Final Update: December 1, 2020

The families affected by Hurricane Eta are now safe and well supported. All but a few families have returned to their homes which have been repaired. A few families have permanently relocated to live in a safer location or with relatives. A total of 232 beneficiaries were affected.

Thank you for your prayers for the affected beneficiaries, families, church partners and staff. We are also grateful that there were no injuries or deaths from the hurricane.

Update #1: November 25, 2020

Relief and recovery efforts continue in Nicaragua. To date, 232 beneficiaries and their families have been affected as well as two Child Development Centers. Affected families have flood water in their homes or their homes were damaged, and they lost household items. They are being supported, as needed.

Please continue to pray for protection, provision, and peace for affected beneficiaries, families, church partners and s

Disaster Alert: November 6, 2020

Hurricane Eta made landfall in Nicaragua on November 3rd, as a Category 4 hurricane, near the border with Honduras in the northern Caribbean region. As the storm decreases to a Tropical Depression, the central region is expected to experience the most impact.

So far, 47 beneficiaries have been impacted. Preliminary reports have been received from six Child Development Centers that 50 homes have been damaged, flooded and families have lost household items. Specific impact details are not yet available. The Compassion Nicaragua National Office disaster response team is monitoring the situation and providing guidance as needed.

Please pray for the safety and provision of all affected beneficiaries, families, church partners and staff throughout Nicaragua.