Advisory: Heavy Rains in Nicaragua - October 2018 - Compassion International

Advisory: Heavy Rains in Nicaragua - October 2018

  |   Posted: October 24, 2018   |   Updated: October 30, 2018

Final Report: October 03, 2018

The rains continue in Nicaragua but have diminished. In total, one Child Development Center and 517 beneficiaries were affected. CDCs have delivered food, plastics, medicine, and water to beneficiaries and their families affected by the rains. Temporary shelters have been built for the beneficiaries who sustained damage to their homes. Thank you for your prayers over this situation and please continue to pray for the rains to stop long enough for the flooding to recede and permanent repairs to be made.

Disaster Alert: October 24, 2018

Due to a tropical wave from the Pacific Ocean, Nicaragua is experiencing more heavy rain. Matagalpa, Jinotega, and other areas of the country received heavy rains a week ago. So far, one Child Development Center (CDC) and 513 beneficiaries have been reported as affected. The Compassion Nicaragua national office has been assisting churches by providing support for the purchase of basic things, such as food, plastic, and medicine. Please pray for Nicaragua staff as they distribute the necessary supplies and the affected beneficiaries and their families.