Advisory: Heavy Rains and Floods in Central Region, Tanzania

  |   Posted: March 17, 2020   |   Updated: April 17, 2020

Final Update: April 9, 2020

In total, 186 beneficiaries were affected. The Child Development Centers and the Tanzania National Office supported the affected beneficiaries and families with food, rented shelter, and minor home repairs, using Crisis Relief funds. The National Office also plans on using Crisis Intervention funds to support recovery efforts for livelihood and home construction.

Thank you for your prayers for the affected beneficiaries and their families.

Update #1: March 13, 2020

So far, 176 beneficiaries have been affected. The affected beneficiaries and their families received support from the Compassion Tanzania National Office, the Child Development Centers (CDCs), as well as the community. The affect families were provided with food, clothing, bedding and temporary shelters. Some of the CDCs temporarily suspended activities but have now resumed. The CDCs with vulnerabilities to flooding have taken measures to prevent flood waters from entering their buildings. The National Office will utilize Crisis Intervention funds to address the needs for construction of homes that were destroyed.

Please pray for the affected beneficiaries and their families as they recover from damages and losses.

Disaster Alert: March 6, 2020

Heavy rains and flooding in Tanzania occurred in many areas of the central region – Ilula, Kongwa Kondoa, Mkalama, Kiomboi Monyoni, and Itigi. Over 100 beneficiaries and their families lost farms and/or have damaged homes. Some CDCs temporarily suspended their programs. The Project Facilitator's are working with the CDCs to provide needed supplies and help relocate families to live with family and friends.

Please pray for the affected beneficiaries and their families as they recover from losses and damages.