|   Posted: July 14, 2020   |   Updated: August 25, 2020

Final Update: August 24, 2020

In total, 2930 beneficiaries were affected. Food baskets and blankets were distributed to affected beneficiaries and their families, utilizing Disaster Relief funds.

Thank you for your prayers for the affected beneficiaries.

Update #1: July 31, 2020

Cold weather continues to affect the most vulnerable population, children ages 0-5 years old that are prone to respiratory diseases. To date, 2,428 beneficiaries have been impacted. Blankets were purchased with disaster relief funds and distributed to affected families. Food baskets were also distributed.

Please continue to pray for good health, protection and provision for all beneficiaries, families, and church partners.

Disaster Alert: July 13, 2020

Since mid-June, ten provinces of Peru, primarily the southern and central areas, are experiencing extremely cold temperatures. There are thousands of vulnerable families at risk for acute respiratory illnesses, loss of livelihood (animals & crops), infant mortality, and decreased school attendance. Due to the already difficult situations because of COVID-19, they are even more vulnerable now. The local government is providing humanitarian aid such as non-perishable food, medicine for livestock, as well as guidance on illness prevention.

So far, 1,913 beneficiaries have been affected. The Child Development Centers are providing support (e.g. warm items) to affected and the most “at risk” vulnerable families. The Compassion Peru National Office staff will also be utilizing Crisis Intervention funds for the purchase of blankets.

Please pray for the protection and safety of the beneficiaries and families.