|   Posted: June 10, 2020   |   Updated: June 23, 2020

Final Update: June 16, 2020

Thankfully, the floods and landslides have subsided. In total, 13 beneficiaries were affected. The affected families have been supported and should have their homes reconstructed or repaired with our Crisis Intervention funds.

Thank you for your prayers for the affected beneficiaries and families.

Update #1: June 5, 2020

Compassion Uganda National Office staff report that the affected beneficiaries and their families continue to live in temporary locations and are being supported by the Child Development Centers. So far, 13 beneficiaries and their families have been affected. Our National Office plans to prepare a intervention funds to help rebuild homes.

Please continue to pray for provision and safety of the affected beneficiaries and their families.

Disaster Alert: May 13, 2020

Many areas in Uganda are experiencing torrential rains, flooding and landslides. Thousands of people have been displaced and hundreds of homes destroyed. Affected beneficiaries and their families are living in temporary locations or with neighbors. The Child Development Center staff are assessing impact to the beneficiaries and their families. No specific child information is available at this time.

Please pray for the safety of our beneficiaries, families and church partners throughout Uganda.