Advisory: Flooding on the Coast of Colombia

  |   Posted: October 29, 2019   |   Updated: November 01, 2019

Update #1: November 1, 2019

The Apartado River overflowed and impacted 8,000 people, including damaging homes. The rains continue in Apartado and surrounding areas. Additional organizations and the local government have distributed humanitarian aid kits to affected families. So far, 132 beneficiaries have been affected. The Child Development Centers (CDCs) are providing spiritual and psychological help, as well as food, to affected people. The CDCs have accessed Compassion Disaster Relief funds to repair homes and provide basic supplies. Currently, some families are living in shelters.

Please pray for the affected beneficiaries and their families as they recover from the damages and losses.

Disaster Alert: October 29, 2019

The coastal areas of Uraba, Barranquilla, Buenaventura and Bolivar in Colombia have been affected by heavy rains. A high alert weather status is in effect in some locations in the northwest and pacific coast of Colombia. Some beneficiaries and their families have lost household items. The Child Development Center staff are visiting beneficiaries to assess damages or losses and to distribute groceries.

Please pray for the safety of our beneficiaries in this area.