Advisory: Flooding and Landslides in Villavicencio, Colombia

  |   Posted: July 01, 2019   |   Updated: July 08, 2019

Final Report: July 8, 2019

No beneficiaries or Child Development Centers (CDCs) were directly affected by the flooding and landslides in Villavicencio. The Compassion Colombia National Office is following up with the CDCs about the delayed correspondence and making adjustments as needed.

Thank you for your prayers as the people are making adjustments due to the road closure and landslides.

Disaster Alert: July 1, 2019

The rainy season in the Meta department of Colombia has caused flooding, landslides and road closings. The situation has been declared a state of emergency.

One landslide has caused the collapse of a bridge that connects the tunnels of the Bogota – Villavicencio highway. The landslides in Villavicencio have increased the price of food and the road closure is delaying correspondence to and from Bogota.

So far, no beneficiaries have been affected. However, there is a reduction in children’s attendance at the Child Development Center's because of the rains. The beneficiaries who have appointments with medical specialists in Bogota are having difficulty going to the appointments due to the closure of the main road.

Please pray for the safety of our beneficiaries in this area.

Advisory: Flooding and Landslides in Villavicencio, Colombia - Compassion International