|   Posted: February 08, 2021   |   Updated: March 03, 2021

Update #2: March 2, 2021

There was also flooding in Nganjuk East Java. The water level in Pekalongan has declined. Many families are living in the local school building or other local government buildings. ​​​The Child Development Centers are continuing to monitor the situation and assess family needs, as well as providing basic food and household items. To date, 435 beneficiaries have been impacted.

Please pray for the comfort and provision of the affected beneficiaries, families and church partners.

Update #1: February 16, 2021

Heavy rain fell causing flooding in an additional location – Pekalongan City – on February 6th and 7th.

So far, 11 Child Development Center (CDCs) and 55 beneficiaries have been impacted. The CDCs are supporting the impacted families with our Disaster Relief fund.

Please continue to pray for the provision of affected beneficiaries, families and church partners.

Disaster Alert: February 8, 2021

Heavy rain fell for a week and caused flooding in Kudus and Semarang City. The Child Development Centers (CDCs) are assessing impact; however, a specific list off affected beneficiaries is not yet available. The CDCs are providing for basic needs through Disaster Relief Funds. Rice, sugar, oil, as well as medicine, blankets and school supplies are being distributed. Some families have temporarily moved. Staff at 12 CDCs are also affected.

Please pray for the protection and provision for all affected beneficiaries, families, church partners and staff.