Advisory: Flooding in Bukoba, Tanzania

  |   Posted: June 17, 2019   |   Updated: July 19, 2019

Final Report: July 19, 2019

The situation in Bukoba has stabilized. The dry season has arrived, and there is no more heavy rain or flooding in Bukoba or the area around Lake Victoria. In total, 39 beneficiaries were affected. The Child Development Centers used Compassion Disaster Relief Funds to provide all the affected beneficiaries with relief supplies such as food, bedding, clothes, school supplies, domestic utensils and cooking stoves, as well as help with minor home repairs. Additional Compassion resources will be used for major repairs and home reconstruction. Families are either living in their homes after repairs were completed or are living in new homes with rental support.

Please pray for the families as they continue their recovery efforts.

Disaster Alert: June 17, 2019

Beginning in late May, there has been heavy rain throughout Tanzania. In particular, it has been raining continuously around Lake Victoria in the Bukoba region. So far, 38 beneficiaries have been affected. Most of the beneficiaries have damaged or destroyed homes and have lost household items. The Child Development Centers (CDCs) have been providing assistance to the affected families to meet immediate needs with food, clothing, bedding and temporary shelters. The affected families are staying in public schools or with neighbors temporarily.

Please pray for the safety of our beneficiaries in this area.

Advisory: Flooding in Bukoba, Tanzania - Compassion International