Advisory: February Flood in Jakarta and Bekasi, Indonesia

  |   Posted: March 05, 2020   |   Updated: March 05, 2020

Final Update: March 4, 2020

The flooding has ceased in the Jakarta and Bekasi areas. In total, eight Child Development Centers and 549 beneficiaries were affected. All impacted beneficiaries were supported and are attending program activities.

Thank you for your prayers for the impacted FCPs and beneficiaries in this area.

Disaster Alert: March 3, 2020

Heavy rains in Indonesia, caused flooding in many areas of Jakarta and Bekasi on February 25th. So far, eight Child Development Centers (CDCs) have been affected. The Partner Facilitator is working with the CDCs to assess damages and support affected beneficiaries and their families.

Please pray for the church partners and beneficiaries as they recover from the damages caused by the flooding.