Crafts for Kids

crafts for kids

Crafts for kids don’t have to be expensive!
Children around the world make crafts from things they pick up around the streets, including trash! Then they sell these crafts to help support their families. Sometimes the money they earn for crafts is the only income the family receives that day. So, the money is spent on food and supplies.

Crafts for kids can be educational too!
The crafts that we’ve designed are more than just fun! They are educational too. Take time to discuss the purpose of crafts around the world. They are instrumental in many families having food on the table at the end of the day. Take time to discuss poverty around the world.

Encourage kids to imagine what the world is like and what life would be like if they were living in poverty. What craft would they make in order to buy food for their family?

Crafts for kids can develop creativity!
Crafts are one of the greatest ways to develop creativity in children. Encourage them to use their imaginations when drawing, coloring, and creating.

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A Basket for Goodies!


Weave a basket to hold school supplies, just like kids in other countries do!

  • 16 oz. empty plastic water bottle
  • 1 cereal box
  • rubber band
  • tape
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors


  1. Prepare the water bottle
    Cut away the top of the bottle, so that it measures about 4" from the base to the rim.
  2. Prepare the cereal box
    Unfold the flaps at the top and bottom of the cereal box so that the whole box lays flat. Now cut away the flaps and the sides (about 11" long, if using a medium-sized box). Using a ruler and pencil, mark every ½" from a long edge across to the other side. Now, cut the strips as evenly as you can (you will get about 15 strips).
  3. Make the basket’s base
    With the printed side down, lay two strips on the table to form a plus sign. Secure them in the center with a small piece of tape. Add six more strips, spacing them evenly between each other to make a “starburst.” Set the water bottle base on the center of the starburst and gently gather the strips or “spokes” up the sides of the water bottle. Place a rubber band around the top of the bottle to hold the spokes in place.
  4. Begin weaving
    Starting at the base, place a new strip under a spoke, and tape it in place. Now, weave that strip over the next spoke, behind the next, over, behind, repeating all the way back to where you began. Trim the strip and secure it with tape. Continue weaving rows of the strips until you reach the desired height. (If necessary, cut additional strips from the back of the cereal box.)
  5. Finish off the top
    Fold tape lengthwise and place it over the rim so that it covers the inside and outside. Do this all the way around to finish off the basket. Remove the bottle “form” or trim the bottle so it fits inside the basket — out of view. Now your basket can hold anything you’d like!