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Creating Compassionate Families

How can we plant the seeds of compassion in our kids’ hearts? For six weeks, we will journey with your family — from the car to the kitchen table — as we use scripture and simple activities to open your children’s eyes to God’s Word and His world. And when you bring the lessons and stories of children from around the world into your own home, you show your children the heart of Jesus and His care for children in poverty.


Slow down. Right. We’re busy — always on the run, from work to soccer to the dinner table. How are we supposed to slow down? In the blur of the busyness of life, so often it seems impossible to pause long enough to do the thing we so want to get right for our families: Love God, love others, and teach our kids to do the same.

Big Idea: Help our kids have fun finding, and counting, their blessings.

The good news is we can count our blessings even as we go through our daily routine — while we’re driving in the car or having a meal with our family.

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This Week’s Bible Verse Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. — James 1:17
In the Car 5 minutes I-Spy-Why Game

One person calls out something they can see in that moment (kind of an I-Spy — it can be a person they see, in or out of the car, or anything else — a cow, a building, etc.) And everyone in the car says something about WHY it’s a blessing — a good and perfect gift. (For example, if someone calls out “GRASS!” possible responses could be “It smells good,” “It’s soft to walk on,” and “It’s a pretty color.”) Super simple, but a good reminder that God’s good gifts are all around us and meant to be shared.

You can also use this time to learn the Bible verse as a family, practicing it each day. If everyone can say it at week’s end, go out for an inexpensive treat or bring each child a separate bag of special-flavored popcorn.

At the Dinner Table 10 minutes Create a Grateful Poster Supplies
  • poster board
  • markers
  1. In the center of your poster board, write or paint this week's Bible verse (James 1:17) in large, bold letters.
  2. As a family, spend about 5 minutes drawing or writing something you are grateful for on the poster. Keep it simple, remembering things like “my health,” “warm bed,” “Mom’s pie,” “family who loves me,” “my school.”
  3. Once you are finished, hang the poster on the fridge (or somewhere else where everyone can see it) and encourage your kids to add more blessings. At the end of the week, whoever added the most gets to read the Grateful Poster over family dinner on the weekend.
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